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Bodegas Ramón Bilbao was founded in 1924, a family cellar passed down from generation to generation until 1966 when the last descendant of the family passed away. It was in 1971 when the new facilities were built in the town of Haro under a new property.

In 1999, Diego Zamora S.A acquires the cellar, one of the largest beverage distribution groups in Spain, which initiated a program to modernize and update the cellar and its facilities, earning the prize for best cellar in Spain in 2014, as well as a reward for its long career, in the "International Wine & Spirit Competition" in London.

The vineyard of this cellar is divided into 7 different locations: Haro, Briones, Cihuri, San Vicente de Sonsierra, Abalos, Anguciana and Cuzcurrita del Río Tirón. All of them represent a total of 75 hectares, to which are added the vineyards owned by farmers in the area and which also supply the Ramón Bilbao cellar.

The cellar is located in Haro and occupies a total of 7,000 hectares, surrounded by its own vineyard. For the processes of fermentation and maceration of the wine, the cellar has stainless steel tanks with temperature control and where the wines suffer a punching and manual overrunning.

The barrel room where the wines are aged is divided into three different buildings, where the cellar has a total of 15,000 French and American oak barrels with a maximum age of 5 years.

The bottling is done in the central building that also serves as a warehouse and offices, also has a wine cellar and a tasting room, which makes it one of the most visited cellars in La Rioja and a key point of enotourism in Spain.

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