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Destilería Arehucas was founded in 1884 by Alfonso Gourié Álvarez. The distillery is dedicated to the elaboration of liqueurs, among which its Arehucas Rum stands out.

The Destilería Arehucas S.A is a Canarian industry with more than 100 years of age, it is located on the island of Gran Canaria in the municipality of Arucas. It was founded in 1884 and produced the first sugar harvest in February 1885.

Throughout its history it has received numerous awards such as the Title of Official Provider of the Royal House, Spain, awarded in 1892 by Queen Regent María Cristina. It had a break in its commercial activity for 40 years and was reactivated by Alfredo Martín reyes.

In 1909 the distillery acquired an alembic with the Guillaume system for improving rums. In 2006 they acquired the Artemi Liquor Factory, thus constituting the largest group of distillates in the Canary Islands.

The distillery invoices around 30 million euros and exports to countries around the world such as the United States and China. Given its turnover, the company is among the 60 most important in the province of Las Palmas and among the 6,000 most important in all of Spain.

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Ron Miel Arehucas

Ron Miel Arehucas is a rum made in Gran Canaria. It is managed by Arehucas Distilleries, a company that started in 1884.

Arehucas Distilleries is a Canarian and centennial industry dedicated to the elaboration of an extensive range of liqueurs, standing out for its rum.

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Ron Arehucas Carta Oro

Ron Arehucas Carta Oro is made by Arehucas Distilleries, an industry of Gran Canaria that stands out for its rum, considered one of the best in Spain.

The Arehucas Distilleries were founded in 1884. The cellar is located in the town of Arucas, in Gran Canaria island, Spain. Currently, Arehucas rum is the most sold rum in the Canary Islands for more than 50 years.

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