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Brandy 1866


Brandy 1866 is a great brandy, distinguished and appreciated for its great balance and smoothness, in addition to its more than 100 years of tradition and quality.

This Brandy belongs to the Larios distillery. The brandy was traditionally known as Larios 1886, after the acquisition of the brand by the Fortune Brands group, this classic Malaga brandy is now called Brandy 1866.

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Brandy 1866 has the typical aging form The Appellation of Jerez and Montilla-Moriles. This curious way of "teaching" how to age wines, rums and brandies, consists in emptying the American oak barrels of the oldest brandy and "renewing" it with young ones, while the old one is incorporated into another barrel of more recent brandy; so that different ripenings are "mixed". Thus an homogeneous product is achieved.

Brandy 1866 Tasting notes

  • View: Brandy 1866 de Larios is amber with greenish trim.
  • Nose: It has a smell of wood, vanilla and nuts.
  • Mouth: It has a lot of personality and power and remains long in the mouth.

Recommendation of consumption

Brandy 1866 is recommended to consume alone or with ice in a wide-mouthed glass.

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Brandy 1866

Brandy 1866