Brandy Paniagua 3 Lt.

CellarHermanos Paniagua

Brandy Paniagua 3 Lt. seems like a perfect brandy to enjoy after dinner. Paniagua liqueurs and marcs are born in the headquarters of Carballiño, in Ourense.

They are the best fruit of several generations dedicated to the production of quality products.


Brandy Paniagua 3 Lt. is a wine distillate, aged in oak barrels, for a period of more than a year.

In the raw material object of the distillation lies, precisely, one of the basic differences of brandy with respect to other spirits. 

Buying Brandy Paniagua 3 Lt. in En Copa de Balón is easy, convenient, and with the guarantee to get the best brandy at the best price, and in perfect condition.

Elaborado por: H Paniagua, S.L. R.E. 1154-OU

Data sheet

36 %
Bottle Shape
3 Liter
Country of Origin
Hermanos Paniagua

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Brandy Paniagua 3 Lt.

Brandy Paniagua 3 Lt.