Whisky Johnnie Walker Black Label 4,5lt.
  • Whisky Johnnie Walker Black Label 4,5lt.

Johnnie Walker Black Label 4,5L


Johnnie Walker Black Label, with its origins in the 1870s, the Old Special Whisky, became simply Black Label in 1909. Experts consider it the quintessential deluxe whisky, the benchmark of quality in the world of whisky.






Johnnie Walker Black Label 4,5L is the most complex of all those produced by this distillery that includes around 40 whiskeis, most of which are individual malts and a few that are produced exclusively to achieve this particular blend.

The whisky used for this blend represents the wide range of Scottish regions, from the soft lowland malts to the robust malts of the island.

It is an alcoholic germinated barley whiskey and cereal grains, produced, blended and bottled in Scotland. Its uniqueness is due to its gentle maturation for 12 years.

Johnnie Walker Black Label 4,5L Tasting Notes

  • View: Johnnie Walker Black Label whiskey is amber.
  • Nose: The aroma is sweet and fruity with a touch of peat. This leads to a sensual palate of warm grain and oak, with notes of vanilla and butter.
  • Palate: Finishes semi-dry and retains a balanced smoke screen for a period of time sufficient for the taste buds to want to taste more of this exuberant liquor.

Recommendation of consumption

It can be enjoyed alone, with a splash of water, with or without gas, or with soda and with ginger ale as a long drink.

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Distribuido por Diageo España, S.A. - Av.Victoria, 32. Edif.Spirit (28023 Madrid)

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Bottle Shape
4,5 Liter
Country of Origin
Johnnie Walker

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Johnnie Walker Black Label 4,5L

Johnnie Walker Black Label 4,5L