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CVNE (Compañía Vinícola del Norte de España) was born in 1879 in the province of Haro in La Rioja.

CVNE (Compañía Vinícola del Norte de España) was founded by two brothers in 1879 in La Rioja, and today the same family continues to manage the cellar 5 generations later. CVNE comprises 4 cellars nowadays, Imperial, Viña Real and Viñedos del Contino.

The cellar is built near the train tracks, and for a time these reached inside the cellar in order to more easily transport the grapes to the interior.

They have 545 hectares of their own vineyard located in Rioja Alta and La Rioja Alavesa. The wines made from the grapes that come from the vineyards of La Rioja Alta are characterized by being vineyards with clay, calcareous and clay-ferrous soils with an Atlantic climate.

The CVNE cellar comprises a total of 22 buildings and wines where harmony, tradition, quality and innovation are combined. In 1940 it was a pioneer with the construction of the first concrete fermentation warehouse in Spain, in the 1980s it was with the first non-aggressive vinification warehouse in Spain.

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