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Calatayud is one of the most privileged wine regions of northern Spain. Located in the province of Zaragoza, the Calatayud Appellation of Origin has existed since 1989. Garnacha is the flagship of the appellation and dominates the largest cultivated area.

White wines are usually made from Viura or Macabeo grapes; The rosés are elaborated mainly with Garnacha Tinta. Calatayud O.D. exports its wines to 22 countries around the world.

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Breca 2019

Breca 2019 is a magnificent red wine with a great deal of personality, a profile highly praised by critics. Breca winery in Munébrega (Zaragoza), is part of the renowned Grupo Jorge Ordoñez, a group that owns several wineries in different Spanish regions.

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Garnacha de Fuego 2020

Garnacha de Fuego 2020 its a suggestive and impressive wine from the Calatayud Appellation.

Bodegas Breca is one of the most recent and ambitious projects of Spanish wine group Jorge Ordóñez. The cellar is located in the historic town of Munébrega, just 15 km from El Monasterio de Piedra.

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