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Bodegas Arzuaga Navarro was founded in the 90s by Florentino Arzuaga, in the Valladolid province on the banks of the Duero.

Bodegas Arzuaga Navarro is a family cellar  located near the Duero, in the Ribera del Duero appellation of origin. The elaboration of wine by this cellar is based on three basic pillars: soil, climate and orientation.

The cellar has 1,400 hectares of which 150 are vineyards, whose yields are limited, given the low fertility and the harsh climate of the area. The climate is mainly characterized by the thermal difference between day and night, which causes the slow ripening of the fruit and gives it an excellent quality.

The grape varieties with which they work are Tinta Fina, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The 80% comes from vineyards of around 20 years old and in addition, they also have vineyards in the province of Ciudad Real where they make their Pago Florentino wine.

Each vineyard is harvested separately, by hand and in boxes of 15 kilograms and transported to the cellar for further fermentation and aging.

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La Planta 2020

La Planta 2020, made with fine red strains of more than 20 years, is structured, fleshy and surprises us by its softness and freshness.

Arzuaga Navarro is located in Quintanilla de Onésimo and stands out as a cellar with an entrepreneurial spirit, sensitivity for esthetics and the spirit of perfection.

Price €9.50

Arzuaga Crianza 2019

Arzuaga Crianza 2019 is a coupage made with tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, a wine very attached to the terroir, fruity, sweet and round. As every year a great Crianza.

Bodega Arzuaga Navarro has been in Quintanilla de Onésimo since the beginning of the 90s with an entrepreneurial character, sensitivity for aesthetics and spirit of perfection.

Price €19.50

Magnum Arzuaga Crianza 2017

Magnum Arzuaga Crianza 2017 is a fine and subtle red that has managed to overcome the difficulties of a complex add.

Arzuaga Navarro is in Quintanilla de Onesimo and stands out as a wine cellar with entrepreneurial spirit, sensitivity for esthetics and spirit of perfection.

Price €43.90