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Bodegas Ordóñez is a cellar that belongs to the Jorge Ordoñez group, former owner of Numanthia, and after its sale, he decided to found this new cellar.

Bodegas Ordoñez cellar is located in the Toro region, where two different wines are made, both with Toro Appellation of Origin, the Vatán and Tritón wines.

The philosophy of this cellar is to produce wines from the oldest vineyards of the autochthonous varieties of Spain, in this case Tinta de Toro, planted in 1900, 1916, 1946 and 1962.

These wines are made with the indigenous variety Tinta de Toro from vineyards planted in the 60's in clay and sandy soils with very low production. Among its vineyards stands one above the rest, which is 115 years old and is prefiloxérico, whose grape is intended for the production of Vatán wine.

The harvest is done manually and collected in boxes of 18 kilograms.

The Vatán wine is produced with grapes from 115 year old vineyards  located in Morales de Toro, while the Triton wine is produced with grapes from 80-year-old vineyards, the grapes from this vineyard are destined for 80% to the production of Triton and the oder 20% to Vatán. Both vineyards are characterized by being organic, ungrafted, Gobelet trained vines.

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Nisia Verdejo 2016

Nisia Verdejo 2016 is a white wine with Rueda Appellation of Origin, made by Jorge Ordóñez with Verdejo grape.

The Jorge Ordóñez Winery is located in the municipality of Almáchar, in the heart of Málaga's Axarquía. It was born with the 2004 harvest and never before had been vinified in this area, since the traditional destination of these grapes was the production of raisins.

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