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Bodegas Contador was born in 1995 when Benjamín Rodeo acquired a centennial cave under the castle of San Vicente de la Sonsierra to produce his wine harvest.

Bodegas Contador was born in 1995 and made its first vintage of the Contador wine in 1999. In 2001, he converted the garage of its house into a cellar to produce wines and thus increase its capacity. Robert Parker gave to the Contador wine 100 points in 2004 and 2005, wine made in his garage and which gave him great international prestige.

In 2004 he started a new project, to build his new cellar, which he inaugurated in 2008 and is located in the center of the territory occuped by his vineyards. The cellar has more than 50 plots with different soils, microclimates, orientations, altitudes, varieties and clones. 

The harvest is done manually and in boxes of 14 kilograms, the grapes arrive at the winery within a maximum period of half an hour. Once there, they go through a selection table to guarantee the quality of the grapes. The alcoholic fermentation takes place in French oak vats of 10,000 liters at a controlled temperature. The emptying of the tanks and the filling of barrels carried out by gravity, the malolactic fermentation takes place in new French oak barrels.

The barrels are obtained from the 10 most exclusive barrels in France and with the highest quality barrels. The aging takes place in barrels for 18-20 months, while several racking and weekly fillings are carried out.

75% of the wines produced by the winery are sold in the international market and the remaining 25% in Spain.

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Predicador 2020

Predicador 2020 is the youngest wine of the winery, but it should not confuse us: its quality is exquisite.

Bodegas Contador is Benjamín Romeo: life, love of the land, roots, demand, passion and time.

Price €27.80

La Viña de Andrés Romeo 2012

La Viña de Andrés Romeo 2012 es un gran vino de finca elaborado por Bodega Contador en la D.O. La Rioja.

Un homenaje de Benjamín Romeo, enólogo y viticultor propietario de la bodega, a su padre Andrés. Bodegas Contador es Bejamín Romeo: vida, amor a la tierra, raíces, exigencia, pasión, tiempo, resultado… éxito.

Price €118.50

A Mi Manera 2016

A Mi Manera 2016 is a red wine with Denomination of Origin La Rioja, made by Bodega Contador with 100% Tempranillo grapes.

Bodegas Contador is the work of Benjamín Romeo, former winemaker of Bodegas Artadi. The winery is located on the outskirts of San Vicente de la Sonsierra.

Price €12.50

Predicador Blanco 2016

Predicador Blanco 2016 is a white wine from D.O. Rioja produced by Bodega Contador. The grapes come from a dozen different farms located between the municipalities of San Vicente de la Sonsierra and Briones.

Bodegas Contador is Bejamín Romeo: life, love of the land, roots, demand, passion, time, result ... success.

Price €22.00