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La Rioja Alta was born on July 10, 1890, thanks to five Basque and Riojan families who founded the Wine Society of La Rioja Alta.

La Rioja Alta began in 1890 as the Wine Society of La Rioja Alta. Its founder Alfredo Ardanza also owns the Ardanza cellar and the merger of both takes place.

In addition to the Haro cellar, they have facilities in the town of Labastida where the grapes are vinified.

The cellar occupies a surface over 400 hectares of own vineyard. The main grape variety used is Tempranillo, although other varieties such as Graciano, Mazuelo and Garnacha are also present. The production is limited to 5,000 kilograms per hectare and the farms and varieties are worked differently depending, among other things, on the grape variety. It works without aggressive treatments and organic fertilizers. 80% of the vineyards are planted in espalier and the remaining 20% ​​in glass. The soils on which they are located are calcareous

Once in the cellar, the aging of the wines takes place in mainly American oak barrels, the cellar currently has 30,000 hand-crafted barrels. Once the aging process is concluded, the wines of this cellargo through a period of aging in the bottles.

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Viña Alberdi Crianza 2019

Viña Alberdi Crianza 2019 is a classic from La Rioja Alta It is a wine that invites you to continue drinking and that stands out for its wide gastronomic versatility.

Quality, elegance, innovation, feeling, evolution ... these are the pillars erected by the five families that founded the La Rioja Alta cellar in 1890 and on which a way of living, feeling and producing quality wines has been cemented.

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Viña Ardanza Reserva 2017

Viña Ardanza Reserva 2017, made with tempranillo and garnacha is one of the emblematic Riojas, with a great intensity, on the nose it offers spicy aromas and in the mouth a nice structure with a wide aftertaste and elegant finish.

In 1890 the Wine Company of La Rioja Alta was created for the production of high quality wines. In 1996 the new winery was founded in Labastida.

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La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva...

La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 2015  is undoubtedly one of the great wines of the Rioja. Made with tempranillo and graciano, has a great structure, with round and sweet tannins and full aftertaste. For great occasions.

In 1890 the Wine Company of La Rioja Alta was created for the production of high quality wines. In 1996 the new cellar was founded in Labastida.

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