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Girvan Distillery is a Lowland grain whisky distillery located in South Ayrshire, Scotland, built by William Grant and his children after a long dispute between the Grant family and DLC. Girvan Distillery was founded by William Grant & Sons.

The Girvan Distillery also produces Hendrick's Gin. This uses not only the traditional juniper infusion, but also cucumber and Bulgarian rose. The alembic used by the Hendricks distillery was made with a steam-powered flavor basket placed on top of a long arm to create a subtle, fresh and delicate liqueur.

So the Grant Standfast company built a new distillery on the Clyde coast. In 1963 the distillery was built and in 9 months it was already producing under the eyes of the founder's grandson Gharles Grant Gordon.

In 1985 the company launched Black Barrel single grain but withdrew from the market. In 2014 he tried again under the name Girvan Patent Still.

In 1995 the original Coffey alembics were replaced by a new multi-column vacuum cleaner that remains today. This place was also the site of the Ladyburn Whiskey Distillery and the Hendricks Gin Plant and the Ailsa Bay Malt Distillery.

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Hendrick's Gin

Hendrick's Gin is a Scottish gin, with a very peculiar flavor, created from the infusion of essence of rose and cucumber.

The Hendricks Gin is the winning gin of the Double Gold Medal in 2004 at the San Francisco International Spirits Competition.

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