Whisky Jack Daniel's 70 Cl.
  • Whisky Jack Daniel's 70 Cl.

Jack Daniels


Jack Daniel's Whiskey Distillery was founded in Lynchburg Tennessee, United States in 1866, and its founder was Jasper Newton "Jack" Daniel.

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Jack Daniel's Whiskey is often confused with the Bourbon, since its distillation method is almost identical, the difference lies in the filtering that in the case of Jack Daniel's is in saccharine maple charcoal, which gives it its characteristic aroma and flavor. 

The whiskey is made with groundwater taken from a cave in Tennessee, also undergoes a process called "charcoal mellowing", which consists of filtering it through maple charcoal saccharine that makes it what it is: a Tennessee whiskey and Not a bourbon.

Finally the whiskey is aged in white oak barrels that are hand assembled and burned on the inside to melt the sugars of the wood and give Jack Daniel's its amber flavor.

Jack Daniel's Tasting Notes 

  • View: The Jack Daniel's Whiskey  has an amber colour.
  • Nose: It provides spicy aromas, sweet caramels and banana liqueur.
  • Palate: Smoked flavor, very soft and velvety in the mouth and a very typical sweetness with a finish with a lot of oak flavour and soft shades of cedar.

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70 cl
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United States
Jack Daniel's

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Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels