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Thunder Bitch

Thunder Bitch is a Canadian whiskey macerated with cinnamon and chili. Legend says that this maceration began during the dry law, to mask the smell and not be detected by the police dogs of the United States border, where it was exported illegally.

The goal of Thunder Bitch is to become the fashion shot, along with other classics such as the Jaggermaester or the Fireball.

Price €13.50


Drambuie is an extraordinary blend of aged scotch, heather honey, spices and herbs. It is a unique liqueur that offers drinkers an extraordinary taste experience.

Drambuie is a liqueur that emerged in 1746, when the recipe was made known and began to be elaborated.

Price €19.50


Cointreau is a liqueur of French origin, made from the distillation of orange peels, both sweet and bitter, distilled in copper stills.

This liqueur was created in the Cointreau family's distillery in 1875, in the village of Saint-Barthélemy-d'Anjou, in the French region of Pays de la Loire.

Price €15.80

Villa Massa Limoncello

Villa Massa Limoncello liqueur is a traditional drink produced by the company Villa Massa using an old family recipe.

The real Limoncello of Sorrento is obtained using only lemons grown in one of the municipalities of the Sorrentina Peninsula and on the island of Capri. This company is an international leader in the field of limoncello production.

Price €11.50

Granpomier Licor de Manzana...

Granpomier Licor de Manzana Verde is a green apple liqueur of extraordinary quality, obtained from the authentic essence of fruit and natural alcohol.

Since 1821, the master winemakers of the legendary Pere Magloire Calvados distillery have been growing hundreds of varieties of apple trees whose succulent fruits cover the entire gamut from intense red to green.

Price €5.99

Southern Comfort

Southern Comfort is a liqueur of American origin based on alcohol macerated with fruits and spices, soft and pleasant. The original recipe, from 1874, contained American whisky, although it is currently made on neutral alcohol.

Sazerac Company is the current owner of Southern Comfort, after acquiring the original company in 2016.

Price €15.66

Licor 43 Orochata

Licor 43 Orochata is born from the perfect combination of the original Liquor 43 and the best Horchata from Valencia.

The distillery Diego Zamora makes this liquor that was released a few years ago.

Price €12.50

Baileys red velvet cupcake

Baileys red velvet cupcake Liqueur is a liquor based on Irish whiskey and cream, manufactured by Bailey & Co. in Dublin, Ireland.

Introduced in 1974, Baileys was the first Irish cream liquor on the market. The perfect balance between Irish whiskey and fresh Irish cream.

Price €22.93

Absinthe 89,90 Green

Absinthe 89,90 Green, distilled from wormwood (Artemisia absinthium), is a drink that began to elaborate in the nineteenth century, although there are precedents of similar drinks since the Egyptian and Greek civilizations, in 1500 BC.

The wormwood, a fundamental plant in the production of Absinthe, is very similar to tarragon, and was already used to make vermouth before starting to be used to make absinthe.

Price €20.40