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Atlantic Galician Spirits is a Galician distillery that was born with the aim of making Galician gin, with indigenous ingredients, different from the rest of gins.

The Atlantic Galician Spirits distillery was born in Galicia, by the hand of a group of friends with the aim of producing a purely Galician gin, unique in the world. Capturing the essence of Galicia, Gin Nordés is presented as the first Galician Atlantic gin.

The name of the brand owes its name to the north wind, which comes from the Atlantic to "notify Galicians of the arrival of good weather".

The design of its bottles is inspired by the traditional ceramics of Sargadelos, in Galicia, which are made in an artisan way and are characterized by the uniqueness of their designs and the white and blue colors. In addition, various elements can be distinguished such as the world map that would locate the origin of Nordés, Galicia and the compass rose that represents the relationship with the wind of its gin.

The distillery where the gin is made is located in San Pedro de Sarandón, an area bathed by the Ulloa River. Located in a unique environment, located in the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean and wit a constant rain. The gin is made with an alcoholic base derived from the Albariño grape and a total of 11 botanicals, 5 botanicals from overseas and 6 wild.

The distillery already exports its gin to more than 25 countries on the five continents of the planet.

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Nordés Atlantic Galician Gin

Nordés Atlantic Galician Gin breaks radically with the preconceived ideas about gin and brings new flavors and very peculiar sensations. Gin Nordés, the premium gin that comes from Galicia.

Nordés Gin is presented in a wide body bottle, white, with a label showing the world map with Galicia highlighted. The distillery that produces it is Atlantic Galician Gin.

Price €24.51

3 bottles Gin Nordés + 12...

Nordés Atlantic Galician Gin breaks radically with the preconceived ideas about gin and brings new flavors and very peculiar sensations.

Fever Tree Tonic is a not too carbonated tonic water, with few and small bubbles. Fever Tree Tonic bottle (12 x 200ml)

3 bottles Gin Nordés + 12 Fever Tree 20cl bottles Pack

Price €96.60