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Whisky is an alcoholic beverage made by distilling fermented malt from different cereals such as barley, wheat or rye, which age in oak barrels. The elaboration process consists of mixing water with the cereal and then proceeding to its fermentation and aging. For the highest quality whiskeys, water from springs is used, adding great purity to the drink.
First, the barley is malted and transferred to high capacity drums where it germinates and in this process the cereal turns into sugar and the barley dries in ovens through peat smoke. The malt is dried and ground to mix with the hot water in a tank, where the yeasts are added so fermentation is possible, then proceed to a double distillation, At first you get a drink with an alcohol content of 25-30º, in a second term a drink of 60-70º. Finally the whisky ages in wooden barrels.
You can differentiate 3 types of different whisky:
  • Malt Whisky: Made with barley and distilled in copper stills. Within this group, Single Malt Whiskies are differentiated, being those made exclusively with malted barley in a single distillery. And the Vatted Malt that are a mixture of whiskies from different distilleries, but only from malt.
  • Grain Whisky: Made from not malted barley or corn and its distilling is very common in distillation columns.
  • Whisky Blended: Also called mixed whiskies, they are a mixture of the previous two

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Southern Comfort

Southern Comfort is a liqueur of American origin based on alcohol macerated with fruits and spices, soft and pleasant. The original recipe, from 1874, contained American whisky, although it is currently made on neutral alcohol.

Sazerac Company is the current owner of Southern Comfort, after acquiring the original company in 2016.

Price €15.66

Whisky Glenmorangie The...

Glenmorangie The Original is a whisky made in Scotland (Highlands) that began to be commercialized in 1920.

Glenmorangie is one of Scotland's most respected whisky distilleries and, by extension, the world. The distillery, which sits near the Scottish town of Tain, in the Scottish Highlands.

Price €37.50

Talisker Storm

Talisker Storm is a Scotch single malt whisky of powerful and complex aroma, rich and expressive character with remarkable marine nuances.

The distillery is operated by United Distillers and Vintners for Diageo, and is marketed as part of its Classic Malts series.

Price €61.90

Johnnie Walker Red Label 1L.

The Johnnie Walker Red Label 1L. whisky Is the best-selling Scotch whisky in the world, this is the label that built the Walker empire and has set the tone in the world of whisky.

Price €18.15

Grand Old Parr 12 Year Old 1L

Grand Old Parr 12 years 1L is a blended Scotch whisky of 12 years that has been  produced since 1909.

His name is a tribute to Thomas Parr who is said to be the oldest man in England and who lived 152 years in the fifteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Price €38.90

Ballantine's 12 Year Old...

Ballantine's 12 Year Old Whisky, is a Scotch whisky created by George Ballantine's. and manufactured by the British company Chivas Brothers. Is a complex, refined and elegant mixture.

Price €23.90

Yamazaki Distiller's...

Yamazaki Distiller's Reserve Single Malt is a Japanese malt whisky, made by the Suntory distillery.

Suntory is the oldest distillery in Japan located in an area with a humid and foggy climate.
Price €140.00

Dimple Golden Selection...

Dimple Golden Selection Scotch Whisky is made from a blend of several whiskies produced in Edinburgh, Scotland. It ranks fourth among the most popular in the world and was the first brand to patent its bottle.

Price €24.68

The Glenrothes 12 Year Old

The Glenrothes 12 Year Old whisky is a Scotch whisy made in The Glenrothes distillery, founded in 1879 in the Scottish town of Rothes, in the Speyside region.

This 12 year old single malt from the Glenrothes distillery, released as part of the Soleo Collection.

Price €45.50

Chivas Regal 18 Year Old

Chivas Regal 18 Year Old, is a type of single malt whisky made in Speyside, Scotland. It is made exclusively with natural ingredients, especially taking care of the amount of peat used in the malting, in order not to harden the final flavor.

Price €77.62

Dewar's 12 Year Old

Dewar's 12 Year Old is a whisky from Johnnie Walker's distillery in Scotland.

Johnnie Walker is one of the most awarded and oldest international brands  in the market.

Price €24.62

Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve

Whisky Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve is a personal creation of Master Mixer Jim Beveridge for special nights with very special friends.

Johnnie Walker is a brand of Scotch whisky produced by Diageo in Kilmarnock, Scotland.

Price €50.50

Whisky Johnnie Walker Blue...

The Johnnie Walker Blue Label 1L whisky is a Scotch whisky and is the best of the Walker family, created to reflect the style of the whiskys of the 19th century.

Price €220.00

Ballantine's 10 Year Old...

Ballantine's 10 Year Old Whisky, is a Scotch whisky raised in American barrels. George Ballantine and Son destillery is created by George Ballantine's.

Price €21.00