Citadelle Reserve 70cl.
  • Citadelle Reserve 70cl.

Citadelle Reserve Gin

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Citadelle Reserve Gin is a premium gin, aged for five months in casks made from acacia, cherry, chestnut, French oak and mulberry. The gin is then combined and refined in an eight foot tall, egg-shaped oak cask!

Citadelle is a French brand that emerged with the firm intention of applying Cognac know-how in the production of high-end gins.

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Citadelle Reserve Gin 

Citadelle Reserve Gin  is made in the Cognac region. Today few brands make aged gins in barrels, but none following the traditional method. To do this, they place the gin between 2 and 5 months in different American oak barrels and barrels that contained Pineau Charente. After resting during these months in barrels, a percentage of the content of each one is taken to a new container, where it will be mixed. It is a very limited production.

The label shows the distillation date, the barrel number and the bottle number.

Citadelle Reserve Gin Tasting Note

  • View: Citadelle Reserve Gin has a pale yellowish color.
  • Nose: Juniper is more noticeable in the nose and mouth than in its sister, with obvious notes of oak from the barrels that have housed it. Touches of dry tobacco.
  • Palate: Notes of juniper with a slight sweetness. Despite this, each year may change slightly.

Suggestions for consumption

We recommend that you consume Citadelle Reserve Gin  in a balloon glass accompanied by ice and tonic.

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Distribuido por: Amer Gourmet, S.L. C/ Santiago Rusiñol, 14. Nave D.Polig.Ind. Can Humet de Dalt (08213 Polinya-Barcelona)

Data sheet

Bottle Shape
70 cl
Country of Origin
Maison Ferrand
19 botanicals, including juniper, vanilla, cinnamon, violets, irises, grains of paradise, yuzu, genepi and cornmeal

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Citadelle Reserve Gin

Citadelle Reserve Gin