Ginebra Monkey 47 50 cl.
  • Ginebra Monkey 47 50 cl.

Monkey 47 Dry Gin

CellarBlack Forest Distillers

Monkey 47 Dry Gin is a premium gin produced in Germany, in the Black Forest, since 2010 by Black Forest Distillers. 47 botanicals are used in this gin, highlighting the fresh blueberry.

Monkey 47 Dry Gin was first introduced in Germany in May 2010. The Black Forest monkey is available in 27 countries and has received top honors from around the world.

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Monkey 47 Dry Gin unites the great British traditions, the exoticism of India and the native purity of the German Black Forest. And yet, it is precisely this eccentricity that defines the enigmatic character of Montgomery Collins, the origin of the Schwarzwald Gin.

Montgomery Collins childhood as the son of a diplomat in East Asia, his military career between the ruins of Berlin and his home in the Black Forest, provides the autobiographical background for a recipe that represents a bold combination of herbs and berries native to this lush forest, and exotic Asian botanists. Obtained by double distillation of grain plus a 3rd with botanicals, and aged in clay pots.

Monkey 47 is the gin in whose production more botanicals are used today. According to the manufacturer, there are 47 botanicals that are infused, highlighting the fresh blueberry as one of the endings.

Monkey 47 Dry Gin Tasting Note

  • View: Monkey 47 Dry Gin has a totally crystalline, transparent color.
  • Nose: It is a balanced and complex gin, an explosion of ingredients.
  • Palate: Dry, with intense juniper and citrus flavor, and long residual bitterness.

Recommendation of consumption:

Monkey 47 Dry Gin is not an easy gin to combine due to its great mix of aromas, therefore, it is best to accompany it with traditional elements: premium tonic (for example 1724), lemon and lots of ice. It should be kept away from bright lights and in places with cool and constant temperature.

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Data sheet

Bottle Shape
50 cl
Country of Origin
Black Forest Distillers
47 botanicals in total, highlighting the fresh blueberry.

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Monkey 47 Dry Gin

Monkey 47 Dry Gin