Ginebra Bulldog 70 Cl.
  • Ginebra Bulldog 70 Cl.

Bulldog Gin

CellarBulldog Gin Company

Bulldog Gin is a London Dry Gin type created by the Indian Anshuman Vohra in 2006, made in England and composed of exotic ingredients, 12 botanists from 9 different countries, including the exclusive poppy and the dragon eye.

The Bulldog Gin is renowned for its original flavor and good value for money. Among all consumer countries in the world, Spain is its main customer.

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Bulldog Gin is made in London in the traditional way, with 4 distillations and triple filtering in copper stills where the aromas of the 12 botanical ingredients selected from 9 different countries are incorporated. The botanicals used are juniper, lotus leaves, lemon rind, cilantro, licorice, cassia, angelica, orris root, poppy seed and dragon eye (with medicinal properties and supposed aphrodisiac).

A total of 12 botanicals together with the neutral grain are placed inside a copper pot, in such a way that the botanists macerate before their distillation. By this method the vapor passes through a condenser and is liquefied to separate the volatile compounds from the distillate. The resulting liquid is combined again with the wheat and decomposed in demineralized water.

Bulldog Gin Tasting Notes

  • View: Bulldog Gin has a clear and transparent color.
  • Nose: Start with a whole range of floral and citrus aromas that captivates your senses and invites you to guess their origin. All harmonized with the aroma of juniper as a common thread.
  • Palate: Subtle notes of juniper are appreciated in harmony with a great diversity of herbs. With each sip new notes are appreciated among which stand out lavender, citrus and juniper. The finish is warm and floral, perfect to end this unique experience.

Consumption Recommendation of Bulldog Gin
Bulldog Gin is perfect for making cocktails. To make a perfect Gin Tonic with the Bulldog gin, you can combine it with the following tonic: Schweppes Azahar and Lavanda, Bö Dry, Ledger's Licorice, 1724, Fever Tree, Markham and Indi.

The preparation would be done using an ice to cool the glass, then discard it and use one or several large ice for the combined. Serve the gin and then finish with the tonic, using a spoon to avoid losing the bubble. Except in the case that Schweppes tonic is used, since it is recommended to pour directly on the Bulldog Gin due to its higher concentration of carbon.

A great gin for an event with friends.

Buying Bulldog Ginin En Copa de Balón is easy, convenient, and with the guarantee to get the best gin at the best price, and in perfect condition.

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Data sheet

Bottle Shape
70 cl
Country of Origin
Bulldog Gin Company
Lemon, almond, lavender, juniper, cassia, angelica, poppy, lotus leaves, cilantro, longan and licorice.

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Bulldog Gin

Bulldog Gin