Jägermeister 1L.
  • Jägermeister 1L.

Jägermeister 1L.

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Jägermeister Liqueur 1L. has become in recent years the most famous export beverage in Germany. It is very popular in Lower Saxony in the city of Wolfenbüttel. In addition, the price of Jägermeister makes it even more attractive to the public.

In 1934, Curt Mast developed the recipe for an herbal liqueur with unique and characteristic flavor.

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Jägermeister Liqueur 1L. is composed of 56 different natural ingredients but only a few privileged people know for sure. The main ingredients are ginger, whose delicious essential oils are behind much of the spiced flavor in the finished drink, cinnamon sticks, star anise, one of the four flavors clearly identifiable in both the aroma and flavor of the liquor, cardamom and orange zest.

Master distillers select the best quality raw materials and weigh them carefully according to the specifications of the traditional recipe. Then prepare several mixtures of dried herbs. These are extracted by cold maceration in a process that lasts several weeks. When the process has been completed, these macerated are mixed and stored in oak barrels. Over time these will form the basis of the Jägermeister. This base is allowed to age for about a year

Jägermeister Liqueur 1L. Tasting Notes

  • View: Jägermeister 1L. has a dark color of mahogany tendency and quite dense.
  • Nose: The nose is very complex and very well integrated since it is difficult to distinguish the species, herbs and roots that or compose.
  • Palate: The flavor is complex and spicy. Inside, balanced flavors of citrus, ginger, star anise and a mild and pleasant bitter taste are discovered. It is a pure and natural flavor with an authentic and genuine character. The citrus, sweet, bitter, earthy and aromatic flavors are combined.

Recommendation of consumption
Jägermeister is ideal to drink only very cold or make the famous "Jäger mojito".

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Data sheet

Bottle Shape
100 cl
Country of Origin
jengibre, canela en rama, anís estrellado, cardamomo y ralladura de naranja entre otros.

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Jägermeister 1L.

Jägermeister 1L.