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  • Perucchi Gran Reserva 1L is a selection of wines marinated with herbs, roots and fruits. Aged for 4 years in oak vats. Perucchi is an official supplier of the Spanish Royal House. This drink has been worthy of great prizes and diplomas, some from the beginning of the XX century, preserved in its facilities in Barcelona.

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    Martini Royale Bianco is a harmonious combination of Martini Bianco and cava, and is a refreshing cocktail suitable for any occasion. The vanilla notes of Bianco are nuanced with the cava grapes. Martini Royale Bianco is the signature Martini cocktail.

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  • Vermouth Lacuesta Reserva was created by Félix Martínez Lacuesta (Haro, 1873-1922) founder of the cellar, and first president of the National Association of Wine Growers and Industries of La Rioja. Martínez Lacuesta started selling wines and soft drinks in Calle de la Vega, in Haro. Since then the Martínez Lacuesta cellar continues to belong, uniquely...

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  • Martini Extra Dry Vermouth 1L was launched in 1900, its powerful citrus aroma and a touch of raspberry made it one of the pillars of the cocktail making of the century.

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  • The Martini Bianco was known in the past as Bianchissimo, "The whitest".It arises in 1910 from a perfect blend of dry white wine and a combination of aromatic herbs and vanilla.

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