Absinthe 89,90 red
  • Absinthe 89,90 red

Absinthe 89,90 red

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Absinthe 89,90 red, distilled from wormwood (Artemisia absinthium), is a drink that began to elaborate in the nineteenth century, although there are precedents of similar drinks since the Egyptian and Greek civilizations, in 1500 BC.

The wormwood, a fundamental plant in the production of Absinthe, is very similar to tarragon, and was already used to make vermouth before starting to be used to make absinthe.

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Absinthe (or absenta) contains thujones, anise and fennel, hence its presentation and aromas is also similar to other drinks such as Pernod or Ricard. In any case, the elaboration of the absinthe is not standardized. Each producer has its own recipe and includes some other plants, according to the tradition of each distillery, and even depending on the time of year and the availability of seasonal or other plants.

The thujones containsed in the absinthe have psychoactive properties, like the THC of the marijuana, although their effects always have been exaggerated by their lovers as well as by their detractors.

It was mythologized in the Paris of the early twentieth century, in which it was the fashionable drink, consumed by artists such as Picasso, Van Gogh or Tolouse-Lautrec. The bohemian drink of these artists and their tragic end in some cases contributed to make this magnificent drink famous.

Absinthe 89.90 red Tasting Notes

  • View: Absinthe 89.90 red has an intense red color.
  • Nose: Aromatic shrub of the anise family.
  • Palate: Of powerful flavor with aniseed aromas.

Recommendation of consumption

Absinthe 89,90 red is ideal to enjoy it and share it in a meeting of friends.

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Absinthe 89,90 red

Absinthe 89,90 red