Anís del Mono 70cl.
  • Anís del Mono 70cl.

Anis Del Mono Dulce 70 Cl.

CellarDestil·leries Bosch

The story of Anís del Mono begins at the end of the 19th century and is full of anecdotes and inspirations from different parts of the world.

Vicente Bosch, was the creator of this anise and the factory is located in Badalona (Barcelona).

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Anis Del Mono Dulce 70 Cl. (Sweet) has a totally handmade production as it was done more than 140 years ago.

In its composition contains only top quality carefully selected matalahúva (grana de anís), from which the essential oil that provides the characteristic bouquet of the product is extracted.

Chemically pure water, refined and filtered sugar syrup, and alcohol are also used. The distillation process is carried out in copper stills, original of the 19th century.

This anise, is widely used in the Spanish pastry since the nineteenth century.

Anis Del Mono Dulce 70 Cl. (Sweet) Tasting notes

  • View: Anis Del Mono Dulce 70 Cl. (Sweet) is transparent in colour.
  • Nose: Aromas of anise, badiana and other natural substances such as chocolate.
  • Palate: It has a sweet taste.

Recommendation of consumption

Anis Del Mono Dulce 70 Cl. (Sweet), traditional way: alone, very cold, with or without ice, in an ice cold shot or in a glass.
Also combine with a stream of water to get the mythical Palomita or with a few drops of lemon to bring a citrus touch.

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Anis Del Mono Dulce 70 Cl.

Anis Del Mono Dulce 70 Cl.