Anís Castellana 70cl.
  • Anís Castellana 70cl.

La Castellana Anís Dulce


La Castellana Anís Dulce is a spanish anise made in Segovia since 1984, in the family factory of Nicomedes García Gómez (son of Felipe García, founder of the distillery).






La Castellana Anís Dulce is made from an anise grain distilate and badian distillate, mixed with demineralised water, sugar syrup and molasses alcohols and currently the original recipe is preserved. After the mixture of its botanists with alcohol, this wonderful drink emerges.

La Castellana Anís Dulce Tasting notes 

  • View: Anís Castellana Dulce is colorless.
  • Nose: Aromas of olive wood.
  • Palate: Sweet and intense taste.

Recommendation of consumption

La Castellana Anís Dulce is recommended to consume alone in a cold glass and after meals since it is an excellent digestive.

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La Castellana Anís Dulce

La Castellana Anís Dulce