Paniagua Licor de Limón 3 Lt.

CellarHermanos Paniagua

Paniagua Licor de Limón 3 Lt. Lemon Liqueur, is a liqueur flavored with lemon made by the Paniagua distilleries.

Paniagua liqueurs and marcs are born in the headquarters of Carballiño, in Ourense. They are the best fruit of several generations dedicated to the production of quality products.

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Paniagua Licor de Limón 3 Lt. lemon liqueur is obtained by the maceration of lemons in alcohol, as well as the addition of natural oils from the lemon peel that enhance its aroma and citrus taste.

It is a typical product made in Galicia.

Elaborado por: H Paniagua, S.L. R.E. 1154-OU

Data sheet

25 %
Bottle Shape
300 cl
Country of Origin
Hermanos Paniagua

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Paniagua Licor de Limón 3 Lt.

Paniagua Licor de Limón 3 Lt.