Pacharan Zoco 1 Lt.

CellarBodegas Palacio de la Vega

Pacharan Zoco 1 Lt. is unique, totally different from many other liqueurs prepared with fruit, Pacharán Navarro is an authentic product of the land.

In 1816, the Velasco family was already engaged in the distillation of alcohols in the town of Viana, Navarra. In 1956, Ambrosio Velasco sold the first pacharán brand: Pacharán Zoco.

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Pacharan Zoco 1 Lt. is a macerate of sloes 100% Navarre in natural anise that does not contain any other type of flavoring agents or dyes. The sloe from which they come are typical of the distillery, where they pay special attention to the moment of collection. It is elaborated by a traditional method that passes from parents to children.

Pacharan Zoco 1 Lt. Tasting Notes

  • View: Pacharan Zoco has a color between cherry and tile.
  • Nose: At the nose it releases fruity aromas with notes of anise.
  • Palate: On the palate it is fresh and velvety, with a balanced flavor between the acidity of sloes and the sweet touch of anise. Long finish to fruit.

Consumption Suggestions
Pacharan Zoco is usually taken after meals, very cold, in shots, or in a balloon cup with ice.

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Elaborado por DZ Licores, S.L. C/ Condesa de la Vega, s/n.- Dicastillo - Navarra. N.R.E. 31/41495NA

Data sheet

Bottle Shape
100 cl
Country of Origin
Bodegas Palacio de la Vega

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Pacharan Zoco 1 Lt.

Pacharan Zoco 1 Lt.