Oporto Bandeira
  • Oporto Bandeira

Oporto Bandeira

DestilleryBardinet GrapesMonastrell, Garnacha

Oporto Bandeira is a sweet red wine made in the Oporto style. Made with the Garnacha and Monastrell grape varieties.

Antonio Bandeira settled in Vigo and started producing Oporto wines. It is currently manufactured by the prestigious firm Bardinet.


Winemaking and Aging

Oporto Bandeira is made up of the Garnacha and Monastrell grape varieties. The grapes are harvested at their exact point of maturity, adding during the fermentation the right proportion of selected liquor to preserve the natural sweetness of the sugars in the grape.

Oporto Bandeira Tasting Notes

  • View: Bandeira has a red color with touches of caramel.
  • Nose: Notes to nuts and ripe fruits.
  • Palate: The palate is sweet, smooth and silky.


Oporto Bandeira is ideal to accompany appetizers, dessert wine and essential to make sauces that accompany meats and game dishes.

Service temperature: Between 8º and 10ºC.

Distribuido por Bardinet, S.A. Camí Can Valls, s/n (08790 Gelida)

Data sheet

Bottle Shape
Country of Origin
Wine Type
Sweet Wine
Monastrell, Garnacha

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Oporto Bandeira

Oporto Bandeira