Whisky Peche Yachting 70cl.
  • Whisky Peche Yachting 70cl.

Peche Cocktail Yachting

CellarBardinet, Bardinet, Bardinet

Peche Cocktail Yachting is a liquor based on whiskey made in Spain by Bardinet.






Peche Cocktail Yachting made with whiskey and peach.

Peche Cocktail YachtingTasting Notes

  • View: Whisky Peche Yachting is yellow with reddish tones.
  • Nose: It has fruity peach aromas and whiskey recollections.
  • Palate: In the mouth, it has a balance between the sweet peach, the acidity of the lemon and the astringency of whiskey. Its texture is typical of a sugary drink.

 A great drink to have on the rocks or mixed with your favourite non alcoholic drink.

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Bardinet, S.A.- San Pedro de Sarandón, s/n - 15885 Vedra (A Coruña)

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18%, 18%, 18%
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Bardinet, Bardinet, Bardinet

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Peche Cocktail Yachting

Peche Cocktail Yachting