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Whisky is an alcoholic beverage made by distilling fermented malt from different cereals such as barley, wheat or rye, which age in oak barrels. The elaboration process consists of mixing water with the cereal and then proceeding to its fermentation and aging. For the highest quality whiskeys, water from springs is used, adding great purity to the drink.
First, the barley is malted and transferred to high capacity drums where it germinates and in this process the cereal turns into sugar and the barley dries in ovens through peat smoke. The malt is dried and ground to mix with the hot water in a tank, where the yeasts are added so fermentation is possible, then proceed to a double distillation, At first you get a drink with an alcohol content of 25-30º, in a second term a drink of 60-70º. Finally the whisky ages in wooden barrels.
You can differentiate 3 types of different whisky:
  • Malt Whisky: Made with barley and distilled in copper stills. Within this group, Single Malt Whiskies are differentiated, being those made exclusively with malted barley in a single distillery. And the Vatted Malt that are a mixture of whiskies from different distilleries, but only from malt.
  • Grain Whisky: Made from not malted barley or corn and its distilling is very common in distillation columns.
  • Whisky Blended: Also called mixed whiskies, they are a mixture of the previous two

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Glenmorangie 18 Year Old

Glenmorangie 18 Year Old is a single malt whisky from Scotland. Glenmorangie is one of Scotland's most respected whiskey distilleries and, by extension, the world.

The Glenmorangie Distillery, which sits near the Scottish town of Tain, in the Scottish Highlands, is made up of old buildings that belong to 1843 and that house the aging warehouses.

Price €102.50

J&B Whisky

J&B Whisky, also known as Justerini & Brooks, is one of the best selling Scotch whisky internationally and the third best sold in Spain.

Price €12.40

Dewar's White Label

Dewar's White Label is a whisky blend produced in Scotland by Dewar's. It is one of the oldest brands, most awarded and sold on the international market.

Price €13.90

Ballantine's whisky

Ballantine's Whisky. The Ballantine's family mixed their Finest for the first time around 1910. Is a Scotch whisky made by the British company Chivas Brothers.

This company is owned by the Pernod Ricard group located in Scotland, since 1801. 

Price €12.90

Passport Scottch Whisky

Passport Scottch Whisky, is a Scotch whisky born in 1965. Its malt from Glen Keith, distillery built in 1957 on the ruins of an old mill of the eighteenth century.

Price €9.65

Johnnie Walker Red Label

The Johnnie Walker Red Label whisky Is the best-selling Scotch whisky in the world, this is the label that built the Walker empire and has set the tone in the world of whisky.

Price €13.90

Cutty Sark

Cutty Sark Whisky is a traditional Scottish whisky, created in 1923 when whisky began to be marketed all over the world.

Price €10.80

Bulleit 95 Rye

Bulleit 95 Rye is a very awarded, complex and spicy rye whiskey. It is the Premium Bourbon with the highest growth and number of awards received from around the world.

The bottle and presentation of Bulleit represent the independence and spirit of the American frontier and the culture of taking risks and being an entrepreneur.

Price €30.78

Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey

Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey is the story of the death and resurrection of a whiskey, a bourbon created in the 1800s and recovered a little over three decades ago.

The Bulleit Distilling Company distillery has reinvented this whiskey from an old family bourbon recipe.

Price €25.40

Four Roses Bourbon

The Four Roses bourbon is made in Kentucky, USA, since 1888.

Four Roses is the only Bourbon Distillery that combines 5 proprietary yeast strains with two separate mashbills (grain recipes) to produce 10 distinct Bourbon Recipes with their own unique character.

Price €15.75

Jack Daniels

Jack Daniel's Whiskey Distillery was founded in Lynchburg Tennessee, United States in 1866, and its founder was Jasper Newton "Jack" Daniel.

Price €21.20

Jameson Whiskey

Jameson Whiskey is an Irish whiskey began to be made in 1780 by the master distiller John Jameson.

Jameson Irish Whiskey is triple distilled and aged for a minimum of 4 years, something totally new in 1780.

Price €16.40

100 Pipers Whisky

100 Pipers Whisky is one of the classic Scottish blended whiskeys and is the first blended of the company Chivas Brothers. In 1949 it was sold to Seagram's.

Seagram's 100 Pipers is the India’s leading Scotch whisky and is also the leading Standard Scotch in many countries around the world, including Thailand, Spain, Venezuela, and Australia.

Price €11.90

Whisky Dyc

Whisky Dyc is made in Spain in the province of Segovia. It began to be commercialized in the year 1963.

Nicomedes García with the idea of ​​founding a whisky distillery in our country discovered in his many trips to the Scottish lands the traditional methods of making whisky.

Price €8.65

Chivas Regal 12 Year Old

Chivas Regal 12 Year Old is an Scottish whisky produced in a microclimate located in Speyside, perfect for producing the single malts, the main ingredient of Chivas Regal.

Price €21.25

Dimple Golden Selection...

Dimple Golden Selection Scotch Whisky is made from a blend of several whiskies produced in Edinburgh, Scotland. It ranks fourth among the most popular in the world and was the first brand to patent its bottle.

Price €24.68

Ballantine's 12 Year Old...

Ballantine's 12 Year Old Whisky, is a Scotch whisky created by George Ballantine's. and manufactured by the British company Chivas Brothers. Is a complex, refined and elegant mixture.

Price €20.90

Ballantine's 10 Year Old...

Ballantine's 10 Year Old Whisky, is a Scotch whisky raised in American barrels. George Ballantine and Son destillery is created by George Ballantine's.

Price €18.95

Ballantine's Light whisky

Ballantine's Whisky. The Ballantine's family mixed their Finest for the first time around 1910. Is a Scotch whisky made by the British company Chivas Brothers.

This company is owned by the Pernod Ricard group located in Scotland, since 1801. 

Price €12.50

Whisky Dyc 8 year

Whisky Dyc 8 year, is a Spanish whisky made in the province of Segovia. It began to be commercialized in the year 1963.

Price €11.95

The Antiquary whisky 12 year

The Antiquary whisky 12 year of malt has been produced in Scotland since the 15th century. In its origins it was produced illegally by the landowner who owned the land, already in 1897 they began to produce under license.

 The Antiquary, which owes its name to the novel written by Sir Walter Scott, famous Scottish writer, is one of the oldest and most renowned Scotch whiskys in the world.

Price €20.00