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In En Copa de Balón online shop you can buy gin at the best price. Discover all the varieties we offer you on our website of the best premium and international gin in the market, and enjoy the one you like best.

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  • Larios 12 is a Spanish premium gin with five distillations and 12 different botanical spices. Great value for money. Larios is a viticulture and sugarcane exploitation and rum distillation company owned by this family and that give name to several commercial brands of alcoholic beverages like this Geneva Larios 12 Esencias.

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  • Oxley Gin 1Lt. is an ultra premium English Dry type gin and is the first gin distilled at temperatures under 0. It is a very recent gin, specifically from 2010, manufactured by Oxley Spirits Co (London), with a limited production.

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  • Gin Citadelle is a London Gin. However, the method used to produce it is more complex than usual. In 1996, Citadelle emerged as the first artisan French gin.

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