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  • Country of Origin: Italy

Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur

Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur is a liqueur made from wild roasted hazelnuts dipped in alcohol along with berries and spices.

This liqueur is named after the monk who lived in a hermitage in Piedmont and created it around the year 1600 along with many other drinks.

Price €12.30

Vermouth Martini Bianco 1 Lt.

The Martini Bianco was known in the past as Bianchissimo, "The whitest".
It arises in 1910 from a perfect blend of dry white wine and a combination of aromatic herbs and vanilla.

Price €9.08

Fernet Branca

Fernet Branca is an herbal liqueur from Italy. It is a digestive Liqueur that was born in 1845 and whose formula has been transmitted from father to son.

Its creator was Bernardino Branca in 1845, in Milan, Italy.

Price €14.40

Martini Rosso 1L

Martini Rosso, is the original Martini, which was born from the sense of Luigi Rossi.
Since 1863, a selection of regional herbs is its essence, and natural candy gives its scarlet tone. An Italian icon

Price €9.08

Aperol 1L

Aperol 1L is the perfect aperitif, coming from Italy that became very popular among young people in the postwar period.

Price €13.95

Martini Extra Dry Vermouth...

Martini Extra Dry Vermouth 1L was launched in 1900, its powerful citrus aroma and a touch of raspberry made it one of the pillars of the cocktail making of the century.

Price €8.90

Amaretto Disaronno

Amaretto Disaronno is defined as the best Italian liquor, and as established by the label on its bottle, it has been made since the 16th century.

The amaretto has its origin in Saronno, a small town near Milan, Italy. Its secret formulation formula has not changed since 1525.

Disaronno is presented in an unmistakable square bottle of the sixteenth century.

Price €15.15

Villa Massa Limoncello

Villa Massa Limoncello liqueur is a traditional drink produced by the company Villa Massa using an old family recipe.

The real Limoncello of Sorrento is obtained using only lemons grown in one of the municipalities of the Sorrentina Peninsula and on the island of Capri. This company is an international leader in the field of limoncello production.

Price €13.20

Bitter Campari 1 Lt.

Campari 1L has been the aperitif par excellence for more than 150 years. The recipe, has remained the same since its inception and has been a secret kept, passed from one to another over the years.

Campari was the result of Gaspare Campari's experiments in preparing new drinks. Today it continues to be made with the same ingredients and following the same confidential recipe.

Price €17.50

Martini Royale Bianco

Martini Royale Bianco is a harmonious combination of Martini Bianco and cava, and is a refreshing cocktail suitable for any occasion. The vanilla notes of Bianco are nuanced with the cava grapes.

Martini Royale Bianco is the signature Martini cocktail.

Price €8.09

Perucchi Gran Reserva 1L

Perucchi Gran Reserva 1L is a selection of wines marinated with herbs, roots and fruits. Aged for 4 years in oak vats.

Perucchi is an official supplier of the Spanish Royal House. This drink has been worthy of great prizes and diplomas, some from the beginning of the XX century, preserved in its facilities in Barcelona.

Price €12.40

Vermouth Martini Rosato 1 Lt.

Martini Rosato is a vermouth made from a base of mixed white and red wines.

After a maceration of selected ingredients, among the ones you can recognize clove, nutmeg and cinnamon, to finally distill and bottle.

Price €8.49