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En Copa De Balón brings you a wide selection of national and international wines. Discover the many denominations of origin that we offer you in our online store and get the wine you are looking for at the best price. Enjoy the best wine shopping service in Copa de Balón.

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Noval Fine White Port

Noval Fine White Port is a generous white wine from Oporto made by the Quinta do Noval cellar.

The wines of the Quinta do Noval in Oporto express the greatness of this terroir, of this majestic landscape. They also evoke the centuries of history that have been necessary for these wonderful wines to exist.

Price €12.95

Luis Cañas Tinto Joven 2020

Luis Cañas Tinto Joven 2020 es un vino tinto con Denominación de Origen Rioja (La Rioja, España), producido por Bodegas Luis Cañas.

Es un vino joven, elaborado a partir de Tempranillo de la añada 2020. El tinto de Roa es elegante, equilibrado y con mucha presencia. Es el vino perfecto para aquellos que no quieren dejar de disfrutar de los aromas y sabores particulares de cada tinto de la casa.

Price €6.20

Qué Bonito Cacareaba 2018

Que Bonito Cacareaba 2018 is a wine that exudes elegance on all four sides, has everything that a great wine should and can offer.

Bodegas Contador is the work of Benjamín Romeo, former winemaker of Bodegas Artadi. The cellar is located on the outskirts of San Vicente de la Sonsierra (La Rioja) where Benjamín Romeo produces quality red and white wines.

Price €50.34

Predicador Blanco 2016

Predicador Blanco 2016 is a white wine from D.O. Rioja produced by Bodega Contador. The grapes come from a dozen different farms located between the municipalities of San Vicente de la Sonsierra and Briones.

Bodegas Contador is Bejamín Romeo: life, love of the land, roots, demand, passion, time, result ... success.

Price €22.00

Mestizaje Blanco 2016

Mestizaje Blanco 2016 is a wine that stands out for the increasingl and prominence of La Merseguera grape in its blend.

Bodegas Mustiguillo is a family business located in El Terrerazo-Requena (Valencia) that produces quality red and white wines under the D.O. El Terrerazo.

Price €10.22

Quina Santa Catalina 1 Lt.

Quina Santa Catalina 1Lt. sweet wine obtained from carefully selected Malvasia and Macabeo grapes at their ripening point.

García Álamo Wines is the cellar responsible for making Quina Santa Catalina.

Price €7.50