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Jägermeister 1L.

Jägermeister Liqueur 1L. has become in recent years the most famous export beverage in Germany. It is very popular in Lower Saxony in the city of Wolfenbüttel. In addition, the price of Jägermeister makes it even more attractive to the public.

In 1934, Curt Mast developed the recipe for an herbal liqueur with unique and characteristic flavor.

Price €14.90

St. Petroni Red Vermuth 1L

St. Petroni Red Vermuth 1L is a Galician Vermouth created by Vermutería de Galicia, is a company specialized in the elaboration of aromatized drinks based on Albariño wine and native products from Padrón, Galicia.

Price €12.75

Glenfiddich 15 Year Old...

Glenfiddich 15 Year Old Whisky 1Lt. is a whisky aged in 3 types of different barrels to provide more aromatic complexity: barrels of sherry, new oak and American oak used.

Glenfiddich is located on the hill of the same name, which in Gaelic means "the hill of the deer", next to the ruins of a castle that offer a magical panorama for the production of whiskies.

Price €49.00

Pacharan Basarana Etiqueta...

La destilería Hijos de Pablo Esparza lleva cinco generaciones elaborando bebidas espirituosas de alta calidad en Villaba, Navarra.

Con este pacharán Etiqueta Negra, nos enseñan un destilado afrutado, intenso y aterciopelado, sin aristas. Sabroso.

Price €12.65

Apple Liqueur Alcohol Free...

Apple Liqueur Alcohol Free Syrup 1L is a liqueur elaborated in Spain.

A selection of natural flavors that guarantee intense experiences for the most demanding palates.

Price €3.53

Blackberry Liqueur Alcohol...

Blackberry Liqueur Alcohol Free Syrup 1L is a liqueur elaborated in Spain.

A selection of natural flavors that guarantee intense experiences for the most demanding palates.

Price €3.53

Johnnie Walker Platinum...

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label 1Lt. is a blended whisky, produced by John Walker & Sons in Scotland.

As the creator of the Johnnie Walker brand, John Walker & Sons is perhaps the most successful Scottish whisky company and continues to be still operational.

Price €74.10

Kahlúa 1Lt.

Kahlúa 1Lt. is a Mexican coffee liqueur, well known in the international market for its dense texture and sweet taste, with a distinctive aroma and taste of coffee, and a soft appearance of natural varnish.

Kahlúa, is the most famous coffee liqueur in the world and its name means "House of the Acolhuas" in the Nahuatl language. Prepared by Pernod Ricard.

Price €14.70

Bitter Campari 1 Lt.

Campari 1L has been the aperitif par excellence for more than 150 years. The recipe, has remained the same since its inception and has been a secret kept, passed from one to another over the years.

Campari was the result of Gaspare Campari's experiments in preparing new drinks. Today it continues to be made with the same ingredients and following the same confidential recipe.

Price €15.50

Marie Brizard 1 Lt.

Marie Brizard 1 Lt. is an anisette licor made with 12 botanicals that gives it the typical flavor of Mediterranean anise.

Marie Brizard was founded in Bordeaux in 1755, at the age of 41, with her nephew Jean-Baptiste Roger, the Marie Brizard company and Roger, anise maker, (anise from eleven aromas).

Price €9.90

Martini Extra Dry Vermouth...

Martini Extra Dry Vermouth 1L was launched in 1900, its powerful citrus aroma and a touch of raspberry made it one of the pillars of the cocktail making of the century.

Price €8.90

Quina Santa Catalina 1 Lt.

Quina Santa Catalina 1Lt. sweet wine obtained from carefully selected Malvasia and Macabeo grapes at their ripening point.

García Álamo Wines is the cellar responsible for making Quina Santa Catalina.

Price €7.50

Aperol 1L

Aperol 1L is the perfect aperitif, coming from Italy that became very popular among young people in the postwar period.

Price €12.90

Cîroc vodka 1L.

Cîroc vodka 1L. is a vodka made from grapes that differentiates it from other vodkas and gives it a fruity aroma.

Price €28.75

Vermouth Martini Rosato 1 Lt.

Martini Rosato is a vermouth made from a base of mixed white and red wines.

After a maceration of selected ingredients, among the ones you can recognize clove, nutmeg and cinnamon, to finally distill and bottle.

Price €8.49