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Blackberry Liqueur Alcohol...

Blackberry Liqueur Alcohol Free La Cepa de Cristal is a Blackberry-flavored liqueur made by Panizo Distilleries. Perfect to take alone.

Blackberry Liqueur Alcohol Free La Cepa de Cristal is made by distilleries Panizo is a family business with a long tradition in the alcoholic beverages sector (liqueurs and marc). The business started in 1938. The company has achieved IFS Certification in facilities, processes and products. 

Price €1.95

Brandy Gran Duque de Alba

Brandy Duque de Alba is a brandy with Especific Denominación Brandy de Jerez, category Solera Gran Reserva.

All the exclusive and high quality wines and spirits of Williams & Humbert are produced in the classic style of Jerez, which gives them great distinction, balance and character.

Price €25.50

Pacharan Zoco 1 Lt.

Pacharan Zoco 1 Lt. is unique, totally different from many other liqueurs prepared with fruit, Pacharán Navarro is an authentic product of the land.

In 1816, the Velasco family was already engaged in the distillation of alcohols in the town of Viana, Navarra. In 1956, Ambrosio Velasco sold the first pacharán brand: Pacharán Zoco.

Price €11.20

Ron Miel Arehucas

Ron Miel Arehucas is a rum made in Gran Canaria. It is managed by Arehucas Distilleries, a company that started in 1884.

Arehucas Distilleries is a Canarian and centennial industry dedicated to the elaboration of an extensive range of liqueurs, standing out for its rum.

Price €8.75

Brandy Centenario Terry 1 Lt.

Brandy Centenario Terry is a Spanish drink distilled and aged through the Jerez process in white oak barrels.

The wines and brandies produced in its cellar (Terry), are covered under the Jerez-Xérès-Sherry Appellation of Origin, and the specific Appellation of Brandy de Jerez.

Price €10.41

Mangaroca Batida de Coco...

Mangaroca Batida de Coco Liqueur is a fruit liqueur produced in Brazil and based on a typical Brazilian recipe with milk, coconut infusion and alcohol.

Luis Caballero S.A. is a family business founded in 1830, based in Spain and with a large presence in international markets.

Price €9.50

Paniagua Licor de Limón 3 Lt.

Paniagua Licor de Limón 3 Lt. Lemon Liqueur, is a liqueur flavored with lemon made by the Paniagua distilleries.

Paniagua liqueurs and marcs are born in the headquarters of Carballiño, in Ourense. They are the best fruit of several generations dedicated to the production of quality products.

Price €20.45

Orujo De Cafe Panizo

Orujo de Café Panizo is obtained from pomace brandy, has already become a classic of the after-meals chats of Spain, both in private homes and in bars and restaurants.

Destilerías Panizo is a family business with a long tradition in the sector of alcoholic beverages (liqueurs and marcs). Their learning is innovation and commitment to new products, always with the highest quality.

Price €7.80

Bacardi Rum 1L.

Bacardi rum was born in 1862 in Santiago de Cuba. After the Cuban Revolution, the company moved to Puerto Rico.

It is the largest distillery in the world.

Price €17.50

Crema Ruavieja

Crema Ruavieja is a delicious creamy liqueur made from Orujo.

Ruavieja is the main reference in the manufacture, bottling and marketing of premium spirits and liquors, from selected pomace from the Galician region, a region where there is a centuries-old tradition in manufacturing.

Price €12.95

Anis Del Mono Dulce 70 Cl.

The story of Anís del Mono begins at the end of the 19th century and is full of anecdotes and inspirations from different parts of the world.

Vicente Bosch, was the creator of this anise and the factory is located in Badalona (Barcelona).

Price €7.90

Stolichnaya Vodka

Stolichnaya vodka is a Russian vodka that has been produced since 1953 in the Cristal distillery.

Stolíchnaya has its origins in the warehouse No. 1 of the state of Moscow, which was opened in 1901 by the authorities to ensure a better production of high quality vodka.

Price €10.53

Baileys Original Irish...

Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur 1L is a liquor based on Irish whiskey and cream, manufactured by Bailey & Co. in Dublin, Ireland.

Introduced in 1974, Baileys was the first Irish cream liquor on the market. The perfect balance between Irish whiskey and fresh Irish cream.

Price €17.95

Ron Negrita 1 Lt.

Ron Negrita 1 Lt. is a rum produced entirely in Spain, specifically in the town of Gelida, in Catalonia.

Bardinet, is a symbol of the 'ronera' tradition throughout the world from its emblematic brand Negrita, since 1857.

Price €14.10

Monkey 47 Dry Gin

Monkey 47 Dry Gin is a premium gin produced in Germany, in the Black Forest, since 2010 by Black Forest Distillers. 47 botanicals are used in this gin, highlighting the fresh blueberry.

Monkey 47 Dry Gin was first introduced in Germany in May 2010. The Black Forest monkey is available in 27 countries and has received top honors from around the world.

Price €54.22

103 Brandy White label

103 Brandy White label is the youngest of the three types of brandies from the Osborne Cellar.

The Osborne Cellar was founded in 1772 in El Puerto de Santa María and sells wines with Appellation of Origin Jerez.

Price €8.30

Gordon's Gin

Gordon's Gin is a gin made in England made from grain alcohol.

The quality of Gordon's is recognized by many international organizations. The gin of the brand has participated in several alcoholic beverages competitions and has obtained numerous quality diplomas and medals.

Price €11.50

Brandy Torres 10

Brandy Torres 10, aged for 10 years is the best selling Brandy Gran Reserva in the world with intense aromas of caramel, raisins and wood with light notes of sherry.

Torres is a family business with several generations dedicated to the production of wine and brandy in the Penedes. This winery currently has a great international prestige and exports to more than 140 countries around the world.

Price €13.60

Ruavieja Licor de Café

Ruavieja Licor de Café is a fine Coffee Liqueur made with selected products following traditional methods. The origin of Ruavieja dates back to 1978, and refers to the Rodríguez Ovalle family group.

Ruavieja is the main reference in the manufacture, bottling and commercialization of premium spirits and liquors.

Price €11.50

Crema Orujo Panizo

Crema de Orujo Panizo has already become a classic of the after-meals chats of Spain, both in private homes and in bars and restaurants.

Destilerías Panizo is a family business with a long tradition in the sector of alcoholic beverages (liqueurs and marcs). Their learning is innovation and commitment to new products, always with the highest quality.

Price €7.60

Brandy Soberano 1 Lt.

Brandy Soberano 1L is a brandy produced by González Byass with spainish roots.

González Byass was born in 1835, when the young Manuel María González Ángel arrived to Jerez, ready to take his place in the thriving and prosper business of Sherry.

Price €9.10

Tequila José Cuervo...

José Cuervo Especial Oro is a premium tequila made in Mexico in the Tequila region.

José Cuervo, one of the most traditional Mexican companies, debuted on the Mexican Stock Exchange.

Price €16.50

Brandy Torres 5

Brandy Torres 5 by Miguel Torres is one of the main references in quality wine and brandy sector in Spain and worldwide, with more than 50 brands in the market and presence in more than 150 countries.

Price €10.95

Brandy Espléndido 25 Garvey...

Brandy Espléndido Garvey 1 Lt. is a brandy solera produced in Jerez, soft and velvety in the mouth.

Bodegas Garvey was founded in 1780 by William Garvey, Irish aristocrat of the County of Waterdorf, who managed in a short space of time, to make Garvey one of the main cellars in Jerez.

Price €8.50